Bad Debt

The purpose of this policy is to communicate with the stakeholders of Almont Community Schools how the district will handle bad debts incurred by former students. These individuals were at one time students of the district who either completed the check-out procedure or graduated.

Stakeholders include but are not limited to:

      • Administrators
      • Foodservice employees
      • Students
      • Parents of students
      • Parents of inactive students
      • Educators
      • School employees
      • Community leaders
      • Social workers
      • All other stakeholders

In compliance with USDA, FNS guidance for the food service fund, the district will make every effort to collect the balance left on the former student's account. Efforts may include but are not limited to:

      • Phone calls
      • Letters
      • Emails
      • Turning the account over to a collection agency

In order to properly document the charges, the food service director will print a ledger of any student who has a balance. Unless the balance is cleared the ledger will remain on file until December 31st of the year the student becomes inactive because they have either completed the checkout procedure or graduated.

In accordance with the law, any food service balance not cleared by the parents of the student by December 31st will be transferred to the general fund where the district’s business office will continue the established collection procedures.

Any student who has a balance on their account not related to the cafeteria (food service) will adhere to the same policy and procedure as outlined above. The balance of active students shall carry forward year to year until the student becomes inactive either because they have graduated or because they have completed the checkout procedure. At which time the district business office will continue to attempt to collect these debts. Once the district turns the matter over to a collection agency the matter will be considered closed by the district unless the agency reports they have collected funds.