Meal Charge

Almont Community Schools offers meal assistance to all qualified families. All families can apply confidentially for free/reduced meals. Applications are available in each school office or on our Free & Reduced page.

Standard and reduced meal prices can be found on our Pricing page.

In the event a student cannot pay for a school meal, the school will provide a standard meal and charge the applicable costs to the student's account.

The only accepted form of payment in Almont Community Schools cafeterias is the United States dollar.

No student at any time will be allowed to charge à la carte items from the cafeteria, this includes à la carte milk purchases.

Any account that has a negative balance that exceeds $20, will result in the district administration being notified of the situation. The student will be prohibited from participating in all fee-based extracurricular activities until the balance is paid, or payment arrangements are made. These activities include:

      • Athletics
      • Fee-based clubs
      • Homecoming dance
      • Prom
      • Any other dances
      • Commencement activities including receiving a copy of the diploma

Any student who becomes inactive due to graduation or finalizing the check-out procedure who has a negative balance on their account will face collection agency activity according to the bad debt policy.